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Mammoth Air proposes to: Remove your old unit and set; One American Standard 3.5 ton,14 Seer Heat Pump, Package Unit. Price includes Crane, Stand tranisiton, all materials and labor. Install: New; electrical whips, disconnects, and thermostat. Start and check the unit to ensure it is working properly.



American Standard has long been one of the most popular brands when it comes to central air conditioning units, customer satisfaction and quality. They have a stellar reputation for producing high quality products that are not only affordable, but that will last for years to come.  With one of the highest customer satisfaction ratings among all brands, American Standard central air conditioners are a good choice for the homeowner who wants a high performing system at an affordable price. American Standard is considered one of the higher quality brands of central HVAC equipment.


Energy Efficiency

The effectiveness of any air conditioner is indicated by the SEER rating of the same. The higher the seer rating, the more efficient and effective the AC is all other factors being constant. American Standard is rated third best in the market in providing air conditioners with high SEER rating. The important efficiency is as a result of AccuComfort technology. This technology makes the compressor achieve and adjust in minute increments. This is as opposed to just being off or on like traditional compressors or high, off and little in current compressors. The AS ACs can operate at a suchlike level as desired at a particular climatic condition. In the long run, this process will save lots of cash. Additionally, the method lets the AC be incredibly particular by adjusting by a half-degree of the thermostat setting.



3.5 Ton American Standard Package Unit Heat Pump

$7,928.00 Regular Price
$7,372.00Sale Price
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