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Las Vegas's Heating and Cooling Experts

The core team at Mammoth Air brings over 30 years of experience as air conditioning specialists to every project we complete. Fully licensed and certified, you can rest assured that we will complete all HVAC services in accordance with industry standards. Our certified technicians receive extensive indoor air quality training, up-to-date manufacturer information and education in regards to building codes.

Our People Make The Difference

Restoring your home’s comfort is our specialty. As such, our HVAC experts are not only certified, they are drug-tested and background-screened, so you can feel safe as they provide you with expert service. Our uniformed technicians have both the equipment and know how to provide you with the high-level of service you expect when you call Mammoth AIr.

Our Skills Are Simply Exceptional

It does not matter if you just need a simple AC maintenance service or a full unit replacement, you can count on our skilled technicians and repair team to bring experience and knowledge to every project. We have a passion for air quality and are here to assist you in your quest to attain and maintain superior indoor air quality. We serve both residential and commercial customers.

Mammoth Air Vision

We envision our Las Vegas AC and heating company to offer exceptional HVAC services to homeowners and business owners while acting as an important part of the community—improving it for all who live and work in it.

Our Core Values

At Mammoth Air, our values are more than just empty words; they are the backbone of who and what we are as a company.


Every job we complete is based on these guiding values:

  • Accountability- We meet commitments while exhibiting behavior that is both ethical and professional. Our guarantees are always backed by our good name. We believe in transparency and honesty in all our business dealings.

  • Service- Mammoth Air is dedicated to serving our customers in more ways than one. With every job we tackle, we hope to both meet the client’s need and exceed his or her expectations. We raise the bar when it comes to customer service and build relationships with everyone we are able to serve.

  • Teamwork- We realize that only by working as a team can we be our strongest. While we prize the individual experience and abilities our employees bring to work each day, we drive to develop team players who both encourage and inspire those around them.

  • Staff development- The most important asset of our company is the employees. We nurture an environment where individuals can grow and reach the pinnacle of success. We plan for such success by searching out leaders who can inspire further success in those around them.

  • Growth- Mammoth Air is never afraid to make changes necessary to grow and thrive. We appreciate creativity in the company and seek out future leaders who are not afraid to try something new. We love finding solutions to challenges and can’t wait to find out what the future holds.​

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