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Commercial Refrigeration Repair


Businesses, homes and buildings depend on quality refrigeration service on a daily basis. Whether it’s restaurants, hospitals, schools or supermarkets, refrigeration is the lifeblood of many businesses and service industries. 

Regardless of the brand name, we offer refrigeration repair and service on all makes and models of commercial walk-in coolers, walk-in freezers, ice machine repair, deli cases, meat cases, fish or vegetable cases, and all self contained refrigerated units or remote condensers


Our highly-trained ACE-certified technicians understand the importance of refrigeration service to your home and business. Mammoth Air can provide maintenance and installation of food equipment, ice machines, cooling towers along with electric and gas food equipment. Keep your business cool and running smoothly. Call mammoth Air today at (702) 219-2694


Signs That Your Refrigeration Equipment Need Repairs

Many people get our help only when their refrigerator system is on its last legs. But, while it’s important to hire refrigeration experts in this scenario, you shouldn’t wait for this to happen before getting the help of specialists. Instead, be on alert for signs that indicate that your refrigeration equipment is experiencing mechanical problems and need to be inspected ASAP.


One sign that you should watch out is frost and/or ice buildup. Take a close look at your walk-in cooler: do you see patches of ice or frost in places where they aren’t supposed to be present? If you do, your cooler probably has dirty air vents or a clogged drain — both of which require immediate attention.

Leakage is another sign that your refrigeration machines need to be repaired. Inspect the floors near your equipment; if there’s water pooling your walk-in cooler or freezer, it’s most likely leaking and should be checked by experts right away. Otherwise, the water leakage can create a moist, humid environment that promotes the growth of mold and mildew, which can spell disaster for your business. Of course, puddles of water on the floor can create a slipping hazard, which can pave the way to expensive workers’ compensation cases and perhaps even lawsuits.


Get in Touch With Us

If your refrigeration equipment never seems to be fixes right, contact mammoth Air today at 702-219-2694

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