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Mammoth Air's Comfort Club

As you very well know, regular preventative maintenance is the best way to ensure trouble-free operation and peak performance from your air conditioning system. Maintenance prolongs the life of your air conditioning unit, increases efficiency and may prevent expensive repairs. That is why we would like to offer you membership into our Comfort Club to maintain peak performance from your system. Being a Comfort Club member not only entitles you to two maintenance visits, but also gives you a 10% discount on service repairs and accessories, as well as priority scheduling. Not quite ready to join the club? Mammoth Air will do a Preventative Maintenance Service on your unit for $80.


Preventative Maintenance Checklist:

  • Condenser coil will be inspected for heat transfer loss.

  • Fans will be inspected.

  • Refrigerant checked for proper charge.

  • Thermostats will be checked and calibrated as needed.

  • Motors and bearings will be lubricated as needed.

  • Controls and safeties will be tested as needed.

  • Relays and contractors will be inspected.

  • Unit wiring and electrical disconnect will be inspected.

  • Temperatures and pressures will be recorded.

  • Evaporator coil will be inspected.

  • Air filter will be cleaned or replaced if provided by customer.

  • Drain line and pan will be cleaned and checked for obstructions.

  • Algae tablets will be inserted into drain pan.


Cost Of Membership:

1 A/C split system – $240.00

2 A/C split systems- $400.00

3 A/C split systems- $600.00

For more than 3 A/C units, please call for pricing.


We Accept Bitcoin and Ethereum Payments!

We also offer monthly, bi-monthly and quarterly service agreements which also include the same services mentioned above. Service agreements are highly recommended for commercial units and air handlers in attics due to the increased risk of costly water damage. It is also highly recommended to customers with extended warranty since routine maintenance is in the “terms and conditions” of the extended warranty agreement.

Please call us for more information and costs of plans.

*Restrictions apply: Residential application only. All components must be accessible for service (A/H vertical in closet, C/U or PKG on ground level. Additional travel charge may apply. Second visit must be performed 6 months after the first maintenance.

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